What Constitutes a Great Safari Holiday?

There are many different opinions on what constitutes a great safari holiday as different people would have different expectations and objectives when they book a safari deal. Many may have heard of the natural beauty of a safari and the myriad of wildlife that can be sighted which prompt a dubai desert safari offers trip. Some are drawn by the adventure and call of the wild to roam freely like the numerous species of animals found in a safari. Holiday makers would have a different objective. They would want a safe and interesting viewing of these great beasts from a distance while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of the safari from the comfort of their accommodation.

Adventure and Thrills

Hence, it is up to every individual to decide on the kind of safari holiday preferred. This objective should be presented upfront to the safari tour operators and consultants who are experienced and knowledgeable to recommend the best of safari package for the individual.

Those who do not want to miss the Great Migration must consider a trip in the summer where the awesome sighting of wildebeests crossing Mara River to another safari spot can be most memorable. There are also the possible struggles amongst the hippos, crocodiles and wildebeests at Mara River during this Great Migration which will have the adrenalin rushing up the tourist’s heart as the wildebeests attempt to cross Mara River from Masai Mara to the other part of the western part of Serengeti. It can be a heart wrenching moment to witness some wildebeests failing to make the crossing; a few faint-hearted beasts may turn back and continue residing in the Mara until the next year.

Comfort and Luxury

A safari holiday need not be all adventure and thrills to some people who want more comfort and tranquility. This can be easily achieved even in a safari where a more leisurely safari itinerary can be customized. There are beautiful and comfortable lodges of all kinds to cater to the whims and fancies of the guests in total comfort with the full range of amenities available.

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